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Original liturgical compositions by Alison Eve:


St Cuthbert Mass – A setting of Common Worship Prayer D, written for the Priesting of Alison’s husband (and drummer!), Rev. Paul Cudby, July 2003. This has now been completed with a Kyrie, a Lord's Prayer, and even an Epiclesis (Invocation of the Holy Spirit) for use at St Mary Magdalene, Tanworth-in-Arden

Blessed be! – Hymn for Trinity Sunday

Deep Peace - A blessing, originally written for Eve & the Garden

Magnum Mysterium – Hymn for Christmas, originally written for Eve & the Garden

That Night – written for Christmas 2002, words by Janet Morley.

4 short liturgical Chants -  written for alternative worship:

            Oh proclaim him!

            By the wounds

            Bear the memory

            By my side

Miserere mei – Antiphon & improvised verses from Psalm 51 for Ash Wednesday

White Linen Cloth – A Celtic Trinitarian funeral lament

Rocky Valley Nunc Dimittis -  with antiphon, 'Save us O God' written for the office of Compline (Night Prayer)

Pieta: Flesh of my flesh – a first-person ‘Stabat Mater’ for Good Friday

Requiem: Shadows & Ashes – written for the Goth Eucharist All-Souls Mass at Greenbelt 2003

Let my prayer rise - introduction to Evening Prayer from Psalm 141:1-4

The ice clings - a Christmas Magnificat

Magnificat - The Song of Mary, written for Evening Prayer

Psalm 42 – written for Greenbelt 2006

While there is breathe within me – written for the 'Redemption Songs' theme of Greenbelt 2006

Summon the Dawn - A song of hope, originally written for Eve & the Garden

A Quiet Night - For Night Prayer Greenbelt 2007

I Lift My Eyes to the Hills - Psalm 121, 2008

My Soul Longs for You - Psalm 42, written for Greenbelt 2006

Trisagion - Orthodox Liturgy, written for Greenbelt 2007

Alleluia - Gospel Acclamation, 2007

Everything - Offertory Song, 2004

How Can I Repay the Lord - Psalm 116, written for a Passover celebration in Holy Week 1995

Hallelujah! - Gospel Acclamation 2006




Medieval Chants & songs:

Puer natus est – Introit, Mass of Christmas Day

Gaudete – Traditional Medieval English Carol

Nowell sing we both all and some – Medieval English Carol

There is no Rose – Medieval English Carol

De la tres douce Maria – French Chanson

Rosa das rosas – Cantigas de Santa Maria

Pange Lingua Gloriosi – Hymn sung during the procession of the Blessed Sacrament through the church on Maundy Thursday.

Crux Fidelis – Good Friday Hymn, before the veneration of the cross.

Alma Redemptorist Mater -  Advent Marian Antiphon following Compline

Ave Regina Caelorum – Lent Marian Antiphon following Compline

O viridissima Virga – Marian Antiphon by Hildegard of Bingen

O tu suavissima Virga – Marian Antiphon by Hildegard of Bingen

Alleluia! O Virga Mediatrix– Hildegard of Bingen

Invocabit Me - Arrangement of the Introit for the 1st Sunday in Lent

Medieval Compline A specially compiled Latin service with the liturgical order taken from medieval sources.

Visitatio Sepulcri – from the 12th Century Fleury Playbook.



Other material:

I wonder as I wander – Appalachian carol

No wind at the window (John L. Bell, Iona community) – arranged for nChant by Alison Eve

Frozen – Madonna, Patrick Leonard. Re-arranged by Alison for violins, voices & percussion

One Step Closer - Linkin Park, re-arranged by Ali for harp, violins & voices

In Dreams – Howard Shore & Fran Walsh – from LOTR: Fellowship of the Ring

Aniron – Enya, Nicky & Roma Ryan - from LOTR: Fellowship of the Ring

Lament for Gandalf – Howard Shore, Phillipa Boyens, Arduini Roberto - from LOTR: Fellowship of the Ring

Passing of the Elves - Howard Shore? - from LOTR: Fellowship of the Ring

I will offer up my life - Matt Redman. Spooky gothic arrangement by Ali

Psalm 22 - Set to Howard Shore's 'Passing of the Elves'.

Bring me to Life - Amy Lee - Evanesence